About Wisdom Groups

Our Wisdom Groups support individuals who are healing, growing and awakening to their True Self. The group creates a safe, loving, non-judgmental space in which we can open our hearts and move through our hurts and fears, which keep us stuck and disconnected from our true self. Better understanding, more compassion, increased respect and better communication are all natural outcomes of the process.

We give and receive unconditional love, acceptance and support. Individuals learn how to take more responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Additionally, they also learn to refrain from taking inappropriate responsibility for the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others.

Living from the heart provides us with a safe place to express our fear, confusion, our pain and judgments so that they are not buried inside us. Because nobody tries to fix us, we learn to hold our own sharing with acceptance and compassion.

The greatest gift of the group and process is self-acceptance. As we learn to accept all the dichotomous aspects of self, we experience greater wholeness, greater confidence, and greater creative freedom. With self-acceptance comes the capacity to accept others as they are, to respect their experience, and to encourage them to be honest and authentic with themselves.

This space will be created and held by the experienced guides and teachers at Soul Space. To commit to the group or find out more information, please contact Chris Sarris at 248.761.6390.

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