Why You Manifest When You’re Mad

Let’s say…

You’ve worked your butt off for the past year, and then…
you didn’t get the promotion.

Or you’ve gone above and beyond for your significant other, and then…
they didn’t seem to care.

Then what typically happens?
You get mad.

You enter into the energy of “Eff it… I’m done! I deserve better than this!

And suddenly other options unfold before you…
An awesome position with a new company pops up or a long-forgotten crush sends you a message… and things start going your way.

But, why is this?

Anger is a powerful emotion that sling shots you into the state of mind where you believe and know you deserve better. And because you finally believe and know you deserve better, it happens.

My soul coach and I often joke about how I manifest like a mofo when I’m mad. But the problem is, I don’t want to have to get mad in order to manifest.

Last night, during Gabby Bernstein‘s live streamed workshop, I finally learned how to manifest without getting mad first. Gabby shared this awesome “Emotional Guidance Scale” from Abraham‘s teachings.

All of our emotions calibrate differently and this scale ranks them from lowest to highest. 1 being the best. Check it out:


Making Sense of it All

So, here’s the part that you may not want to hear or at first, won’t even realize, but…

You didn’t necessarily want the job promotion or your S.O.’s attention…
Deep down, what you wanted was to get mad.

And so, that’s what you got.
Because getting mad would give you “permission” to make a move. To exit. To reveal your unhappiness. To blow up and rebuild.

Subconsciously, you just raised your vibrations by 6 levels… from powerlessness to anger. And through anger, you found belief (jumping up 13 levels) and through belief a shift was then made.

But this guidance scale shows us that we can choose a different emotion to manifest from… one that vibrates at a much higher level than anger.

Can you imagine what would happen if you manifested out of passion or joy?

Many of us give ourselves permission to “deserve better” when someone or something makes us angry or “does us wrong.”

But why get mad, when we can get empowered?

How to Seek & Shift Into JOY

This “Wouldn’t it be nice… ” exercise helps you shift into a state of visualizing joy.
And since thoughts become things, it accelerates our manifesting abilities.
Try it out…

Wouldn’t it be nice if I worked my butt off for a company (or my own business) that I truly loved?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I was valued and paid for my hard work?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I loved someone who in return gave me the love that I deserve?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I was with someone who helped me feel appreciated and adored?

Wouldn’t it be nice (you fill in the blank)

Let your mind wander. It does zero harm! Have fun feeling into the happiness you deserve.

And know that anger does not have to be the instigator for desiring more for yourself.
Going after pure joy is a much, much better reason.