The Movement of Soul Truth and Freedom

Now more than ever, people and organizations are opening up to the force of their soul’s wisdom and purpose. As a whole, humanity is awakening, and shifting to higher levels of consciousness. Individuals and organizations are ready for more soul-oriented processes and perspectives. The old ways of doing business, of living, creating and relating to ourselves and the world are no longer effective.

Many people wonder if there is a hidden force within successful individuals, organizations and businesses. That “hidden” force is the human soul. When acknowledged, engaged and nurtured, the soul becomes a positive, creative source of empowerment and inspiration that takes hold in a company. It becomes the guiding force of all individual and organizational output and expression. There is a tipping point – a point in time where this soul force takes over. Once this tipping point has been attained in an organization’s growth, transformation happens. Culture then shifts, and the soul’s presence is integrated as an organizational norm that naturally creates and manifests an individual and organizational wealth and abundance beyond mere dollars and cents.


Our Tribe

We’re a network of believers, kindred spirits, coaches, guides, way showers, friends, mentors, from every walk of life. We are a community of healers and seekers committed to living from our awakened soul consciousness; and are dedicated to sharing and supporting others in doing the same. We provide a full range of programs, services, and trainings for seekers and healers alike that support whole body healing with and wholehearted living. Our purpose is to inspire, connect and awaken the human spirit with individuals and organizations.


If you have the courage to step on the path of self
-awareness and improvement, I can’t
imagine a better guide than Chris. He’s literally
saved my life with amazing compassion,
persistence, and wisdom. He helped me find somethin
g very powerful and special, my authentic self.
-Scott, Age 47

Since working with Chris, I have become more aware of my inner feelings and desires. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries and speaking up for what I want in all aspects of life. This has had a positive impact on me and my relationships with others. My experience working with Chris has resulted in more freedom than I ever thought possible in life. I now understand and love who I am in a way IO could never have imagined.

-Dr. Carrie Majors

Chris embodies what he teaches. His joyous spirit and absolute love and connection that he has with the group makes it easy and fun to learn ~ such a fun and powerful workshop!

-Shanti, age 58

Chris Sarris can only be described as an outstanding Teacher, Healer and soul guide! I have been working with him for well over a year now, and I give him my unconditional endorsement and recommendation. Without a doubt, Chris is the best in the business. The thing about Chris is that “he cares.” He cares about his clients. He cares about own development. He cares about LIFE! In the process, his advice and feedback is always direct, honest, and on point. He has an unquenchable thirst for cutting edge ideas and materials. Retaining his help is a gift that keeps on giving. It is an investment that produces immediate returns. Go for it!
– John Schalter Lawyer, Coach Teacher, age 56

Chris Sarris is absolutely stellar coach. What I see in Chris is a man who models the higher road of authenticity, integrity, passion and a love of all life. Chris is a deeply intuitive listener and “gets things” a deeper levels then I have experienced with other coaches and teachers. Chris is a compassionate coach, teacher, and a champion of the human spirit. Coaching with Chris is a transforming and empowering experience. He is able to see the best and fullest potential in someone, to mirror and draw it out, call it forth, and help them embrace their own greatness. I often recommend friends and clients to him.
– Sara Connell, Coach, Author

Usually I consider a workshop, book, lecture, etc. valuable when I have at least one thing that I can take away with me. Chris’s workshop gave me several wonderful, powerful tools to use in my daily life. I have never felt more empowered and connect to my truth. Thank you Chris for taking our group on this journey! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their life, learn more about themselves and the beliefs that create their reality.
– Karin, age 51

Chris is a powerhouse of joy, love, and passion for his work and helping others to know their truth and to be their truth. Any opportunity to take one of his workshops is a chance to get inspired, grow, and discover your amazing gifts! =–David, age 39