Personal & Professional Coaching

Soul Space is dedicated to helping individuals heal and evolve. We address ALL aspects of the self: the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. Ultimately the work we do during our sessions can be applied in every area of life from relationships to business.

Soul-based coaching and counseling empowers clients to discover their own healing, insights and direction. Coaching helps individuals to:

  • Build a satisfying relationship with everyday life
  • Connect with their true inner selves
  • Expand consciousness beyond ego and personality
  • Relate to life experiences in a more meaningful and accurate way
  • Shift from a place of fear, pain, suffering and numbness to a place of clarity, truth and freedom

Types of Coaching Available

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Personal Coaching

Many have achieved success in their professional and personal lives, yet still have not found peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Most people, at some point, come to a crossroad in their life. They are no longer happy or content with their relationships, careers, finances or themselves. LEARN MORE.

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Relationship Coaching

There is no greater joy, or painful heartache, than what we experience in our relationships.

Relationships are the most important experience of our lives. Our entire reality and life experience is created from and based on our relationship with ourselves, and then projected to our relationships with others. LEARN MORE.


Executive Coaching

We work one-on-one with executives, managers and personnel to develop exceptional leadership skills, solve personal and interpersonal issues to create a culture of integrity and accountability within themselves as well as the company. Our experience as business owners, leaders and coaches allow us to see the deeper issues that are creating the problems and challenges for the leader and organization. LEARN MORE.

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 Coach Mentoring

Learning a skill nurturing a talent or gift is one thing, building a successful business around that your talents and gifts is a whole other thing. Coach mentoring is invaluable as it saves coaches  time and expensive learning experiences.  Other coaches have expressed that the mentoring ‘watch outs’ and ‘redirections’ have saved them or made them tens of thousands of dollars and helped them avoid costly mistakes. LEARN MORE.

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Wisdom Groups

Wisdom Groups support individuals who are healing, growing and awakening to their True Self. The group creates a safe, loving, non-judgmental space in which we can open our hearts and move through our hurts and fears, which keep us stuck and disconnected from our true self. Better understanding, more compassion, increased respect and better communication are all natural outcomes of the process. LEARN MORE.

Coaching Testimonials

Chris is an amazing “therapist” teacher and guide. He brings out your soul’s gifts and attunes specifically to your soul’s vibration. He is gifted in his ability to see, know and help you connect to your own clarity and souls wisdom. Everyone would benefit from connecting with Chris and the experience of his classes and teachings. – Yvonne Clark, Yoga Teacher

Chris lets you learn on your own, but he is there for you when you need him. He teaches through love not fear. He guides you to make personal choices that nurture and heal your spirit. It is rare to meet someone as heart centered and emotionally grounded as Chris; I recommend to anyone who wishes for peace and happiness to join any of Chris programs. You will have to work, but he makes the process enjoyable and fun.” – Jeff Markov, Entrepreneur

He is a great communicator and can find rapport and connection with anyone. Chris makes your problems look and feel smaller and helps you see how they can be your teacher and a catalyst for your growth. I have been enriched by Chris’s presence and guidance more so than any therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or clinician. He has an extraordinary gift and we should all be so blessed. The word “breakthrough” comes to mind. That’s what you have to look forward to. – Kay Brophy

If you have the courage to step on the path of self-awareness and improvement, I can’t imagine a better guide than Chris. He’s literally saved my life with amazing compassion, persistence, and wisdom. He helped me find something very powerful and special, my authentic self. – Scott Lynse, Business Owner, Pilot, Life Coach

Chris Sarris is absolutely stellar coach. What I see in Chris is a man who models the higher road of authenticity, integrity, passion and a love of all life. Chris is a deeply intuitive listener and “gets things” on a deeper level then I have experienced with other coaches and teachers. Chris is a compassionate coach, teacher, and a champion of the human spirit. Coaching with Chris is a transforming and empowering experience. He is able to see the best and fullest potential in someone, to mirror and draw it out, call it forth, and help them embrace their own greatness. I often recommend friends and clients to him. – Sara Connell, Coach, Author

Since working with Chris, I have become more aware of my inner feelings and desires. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries and speaking up for what I want in all aspects of life. This has had a positive impact on me and my relationships with others. My experience working with Chris has resulted in more freedom than I ever thought possible in life. I now understand and love who I am in a way I could never have imagined. – Dr. Carrie Majors

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