Soul of Business

You are more than a business owner.
You are a dreamer who has a vision for your future. You are a leader with unique talents and individual approaches to achieving your goals and dreams. You recognize the positive facets of your business, and chances are, there are some aspects you would like to change. At Soul Space, we are dedicated to helping you maximize your greatest asset; which is you as a leader and the people you lead. We’ll help you get clear on, and achieve your vision, building upon the strengths and talents of your existing organization.

We begin with the firm foundation you have established, and work with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your ideal business and culture.  We use your vision, goals, and standards of success to create a plan which addresses the issues and growth opportunities specific to your business.

Our Approach

Many people wonder if there is a hidden force within successful organizations and businesses. That hidden force is a culture and environment that fosters inspiration and creative expression.   We will guide you to tapping into that “hidden” force.

When broken down, the word Inspiration means in spirit. When acknowledged and engaged, the soul becomes the inspiration for people to perform and express their excellence, creativity and natural genius. When expressed at the heart level, this inspiration takes hold in a company. Your attitude and mindset as a leader sets the tone and creates the energy that becomes the culture of your organization. This culture will create the ideal conditions and environment, seen and unseen, that brings out the best in everyone who is a part of it.

When we embolden others to become connected to their spirit and inspiration, we’re supporting them to act from an inspired place. The most under-utilized, and therefore wasted asset of any company, is having an uninspired team. When your team members become connected to their gifts and talents, and express them from an inspired state, everybody wins – clients feel valued, business thrives, and your employees are fulfilled.

Our Soul of Business Leadership Coaching and Transformation is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning and working. We believe the key to any successful business is cultivating exceptional, heart-centered relationships amongst team leaders, team members and clients. Relationship-oriented coaching and ongoing individualized support are foundational to developing and maintaining a successful and rewarding business culture.

What Got You Here Will Not Get You There.

Building a tailored strategy for your company’s future begins with analyzing the present circumstances, getting a clear understanding of your desired future, and understanding the issues that get in the way of that future. To understand your business, we engage in an integrated quantitative and qualitative analysis process. This consists of data gathering and assessing your current outcomes, as well as evaluations based on team interviews and observations of culture in daily business life. This helps us to understand the relationship dynamics and particularities of your team.Through this collaborative endeavor, we develop a customized blueprint designed specifically to get your business where you want it to be.

Our approach programs are focused on developing ideal, ongoing relationships with your team and clients so that you have a balanced and sustainable business. We have found the following business systems and practices to be the most common problem areas for most organizations: Leadership, Culture, Performance Management, and Team Functioning.

Soul of Business Testimonials

Chris is a gifted as a coach and guide. I have worked and interacted with others coaches and business advisors and Chris brings something I have never experienced with others. Chris, has an original voice who listens deeply, connects. Has an ability to quickly understand the deeper dynamics at play. He has an inviting and firm way of holding you and your team accountability. He has the substance and insight to help executives in the C-Suite and everyday people shift their thinking and change their behaviors forever. My life and business is doing so much better now that I have refocused my vision and grown as a leader following Chris advice and counsel. My business and I are ever grateful. – Rob Montgomery Allstate Insurance, Agency Owner

Chris helped me to both define and confidently own my gifts and the value of my Leadership style and approach. He worked with who I was as a unique leader versus trying to fit me into a predefined leadership style or definition. He guided me with a clarity which only comes from an expert who knows this terrain first hand. He listened deeply, understood my needs and encouraged me to play to my strengths of openness, vulnerability and transparency. This approach completely transformed me as a leader and the results are incredible for me and my team. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris’ coaching services to you without reservation! – Chris Grant, Core Group owner

As a business owner, one of the inescapable truths is that I must continue to invest in my business in order to help it grow and to increase my impact. As a Teacher, Healer and Guide, I believe it’s even more crucial to continue to invest in my own expansion as a transformational force in the world. When I began to work with Chris, I hoped I would get a bit of both. I can say without hesitation that I have grown professionally and personally on every level, and truly created far more impact than I thought possible in one year. To say this was a good investment would be completely inadequate. Not only did Chris coaching meet my needs and deliver on his promise, he has far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is seeking that next level in their business and life. – Cindy Crandell, Nuview Nutrition Owner

More Soul of Business

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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values development process is a deep and transformative experience that becomes the foundation that we build upon when working to transform a company’s culture. Mission and vision statements are concise, inspiring statements that clearly communicate the direction and values of an organization. These statements can powerfully explain your intentions, and they can motivate your team or organization to realize an inspiring vision of the future. LEARN MORE.

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Culture Transformation

Soul Of Business approach to culture transformation will support you in creating a positive culture and workplace where human interactions thrive. By creating and encouraging a consistent and cohesive culture, you build a strong foundation for meaningful and enjoyable work. That is the type of culture that breeds high performance, loyalty and commitment. LEARN MORE.

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Business Manifesto

Now more than ever, people and organizations are opening up to the force of their soul’s wisdom and purpose. As a whole, humanity is awakening, and shifting to higher levels of consciousness. Individuals and organizations are ready for more soul-oriented processes and perspectives. The old ways of doing business, of living, creating and relating to ourselves and the world are no longer effective. LEARN MORE.


Leadership Coaching

We work one-on-one with executives, managers and personnel to develop exceptional leadership skills, solve personal and interpersonal issues to create a culture of integrity and accountability within themselves as well as the company. Our experience as business owners, leaders and coaches allow us to see the deeper issues that are creating the problems and challenges for the leader and organization. LEARN MORE.