Teaching Programs

Soul Coaching is an approach and ability to see and relate to individuals challenges and issues from a soul development perspective vs the more limited ego personality perspective. Soul coaches have the ability to see beyond what appears to be the issue and see deeply into the opportunity of the crisis and the soul learning and perspective that is unfolding, you have the ability to read and coach people from the inside out.

Soul Space Teaching Programs

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Introduction to Soul Coaching

If it’s time to align your outer world with the inner vision you have for yourself, let us open your eyes to a new way of seeing. Our unique brand of life coaching is different. It’s powerful and effective, and based on the simple truth that all of the discomfort, challenges and suffering in your life are a result of being disconnected from your True Self. LEARN MORE.

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Advanced Soul Coaching

Soul Space’s unique Advanced Soul Coaching program is both powerful and transformative. Not only will you grow as a coach and leader throughout the course, but you will leave with the ability to facilitate great change for others. This program is about taking your inner journey to new levels, deepening your relationship with yourself and others, and guiding your clients to do the same. LEARN MORE.

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Soul Awakening

Soul Awakening is a deep introductory course and path of healing and awakening. Through this course, you will begin to rediscover and recover your soul’s unconscious gifts and talents as well as the unconscious fears and beliefs that keep you stuck and disconnected from them.  You will dive deep into your own “soul awakening” and experience an inner transformation that doesn’t easily lend itself well to words. LEARN MORE.