Soul Awakening

Release Fear. Remember Love.

Imagine living fully empowered and connected, while expressing passion, inspiration and love in all areas of your life!  You desire a life full of happiness and fulfillment.  Yet for most people, happiness is often fleeting.  So often the other side of “life” gets in the way.  Eventually, stress, anxiety or fear seems to crash your happy place.

There is another way  

Can you envision a new way of relating to yourself and to life that allows for life to happen, yet you do not experience it as negative or bad?  If you’re like most people, you have been programmed to respond from your “role” vs. your soul.  All of us have roles, masks and ways of being that are not authentic expressions of our True Self.  Until you understand what your truth and True Self is, then you will forever mistake all the programming, roles and conditioning as who you really are.

Soul Awakening is a deep introductory course and path of healing and awakening. Through this course, you will begin to rediscover and recover your soul’s unconscious gifts and talents as well as the unconscious fears and beliefs that keep you stuck and disconnected from them. You will dive deep into your own “soul awakening” and experience an inner transformation that doesn’t easily lend itself well to words. It shows up in your life as deep contentment, a quiet clear mind, and energy to act at the right moment, living in love and harmony, and exploring the beauty of who you are, and of everything around you.

Who Are You, Really?

What if who you have come to believe is you, isn’t? What if all of the things in your life that don’t work, and create stress, pain and struggle came from a part of you that was not really you?  What if all you had to do was become aware of this simple but powerful error in perception to create a reality of joy, peace and fulfillment not known in this other false identity you incorrectly believe is you. What if you could create a life free of fear, stress, and unnecessary struggle with money, relationships, and any part of your life that feels broken?

  “It’s not what we don’t know that gets us in trouble, it’s what we know for sure that is just not true.”  ~ Mark Twain

The soul’s journey of awakening begins at your birth – the time and space where you are perfect and without fear.  The teachings and techniques offered in this workshop will help you identify and transform your unconscious inner negative influences and will walk you through the journey of remembering and living from your True Self, your soul. The course then delves into what you can do to free yourself from the habitual thoughts, emotions and energy patterns that limit your consciousness. Finally, with new clarity and wisdom this course opens the door to the new, yet old truth of your True Self.

Awaken to True Power, True Love & True Self

Everyone is born with unique gifts, talents and creativity.  Most of us have forgotten or disowned them.  When you discover and express your talents, you create a life of joy, abundance and purpose. Living from your authentic self not only serves your highest good; when doing so, you become a powerful beacon of truth and love for those around you.

You will, quite innocently and without effort or agenda, support others in connecting to their own truth, love and inner light.  You become a way –an example, the change you seek in the world. You will experience a gentle and powerful transmission of love and human potential that infects the people around you.

Your soul will awaken while bringing healing not only to yourself but to your family, your friends, your clients, your community, and to our world!

Heal and Release

The knowledge, tools and guidance offered in this course, combined with your soul’s natural wisdom and genius will dramatically shift and transform your experience with reality in just six short weeks.

When living and expressing from your True Self, you become comfortable with and start to embrace the uncertainty of life.  You will trust the unknown and are naturally courageous, open and curious in the face of it.  This transformation opens the door to tremendous guidance, creativity, and possibilities for your life and the manifestation of your dreams and heart’s desires.

When you live in this way, you can experience greater health and well-being as well as become a heart-centered leader, teacher and guide for others.

After This Course, You Will:

  • Deepen your connection to your own True Self, to others and to the Source of Being
  • Heal childhood wounds or painful experiences that have created false beliefs and negative programming
  • Free up vital energy and creativity to pursue your passions in life
  • Experience better physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Create more ease and joy in all aspects of your life
  • Fine-tune your connection with your intuition and soul’s guidance system, allowing you to make consistent choices that always serve your highest good
  • Eliminate unconscious fear and negative beliefs that keep you stuck and create unnecessary struggle in your life
  • Experience the healing powers of compassion, forgiveness and self-acceptance


Having you as our guidance coordinator and instructor was a very positive experience. I believe you offer the opportunity and environment for self-discovery, self-enlightenment, and expanded awareness and enhancement. In retrospect I realize how much I got from each exercise and session, and I now feel more balanced and internally content.

– Julie Hardy

Usually I consider a workshop, book, lecture, etc. valuable when I have at least one thing that I can take away with me. The Soul Awakening workshop gave me several wonderful, powerful tools to use in my daily life. I have felt more empowered and connected to my truth. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their life, learn more about themselves and the beliefs that create their reality.

– Karin Niles Business Women, Realtor

Chris is a powerhouse of joy, love, and passion for his work and helping others to know their truth and to be their truth. Any opportunity to take one of his workshops is a chance to get inspired, grow, and discover your amazing gifts!

– David Howe

Chris embodies what he teaches. His joyous spirit and absolute love and connection that he has with the group makes it easy and fun to learn ~ such a fun and powerful workshop and transformative experience!”

– Shanti, Be Well Center of Healing, Owner

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Soul Awakening Course Modules