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Many have achieved success in their professional and personal lives, yet still have not found peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Most people, at some point, come to a crossroad in their life. They are no longer happy or content with their relationships, careers, finances or themselves. They often feel stuck, unhappy, and unsure of what to do. This is a challenging and frustrating place to be in life. However, this is not the end of their story or destiny. If you find or have found yourself in this situation, you are actually being called to wake up, change course and to look within to discover a deeper truth of who you are.

We believe your greatest achievement is discovering who you really are:  your “authentic self”.  It is from this place you find your greatest joy and fulfillment to enable yourself to connect with your gifts as well as your life’s purpose.

Many people have beliefs that support their fears, not their dreams, and think these beliefs are the truth of their life.  This pain, along with the challenges life brings, are the gateway that leads to healing and freedom.

Life coaching will help you identify and move through your fears and limiting beliefs about yourself and your life. As a client with Soul Space, you can expect our coaches to guide you on your journey to discovering:

  • You already possess the wisdom, clarity and direction you are seeking in your life
  • Coming from a place of love or fear affects everything in your life
  • All of your experiences in life are based on your beliefs and attitudes about yourself and the world
  • Examining current beliefs and embracing new ones is the key to healing and experiencing love and truth in your life
  • Courage is having an open mind, being curious, and stepping outside your comfort zone

The willingness to value yourself fully, in all areas of your life can feel risky. Together, we create a space for coaching that is safe and trusting. You will be able to work through your issues in an encouraging environment where you will stand in your power and create lasting change in your life.


If you have the courage to step on the path of self
-awareness and improvement, I can’t
imagine a better guide than Chris. He’s literally
saved my life with amazing compassion,
persistence, and wisdom. He helped me find somethin
g very powerful and special, my authentic self.
-Scott, Age 47

Since working with Chris, I have become more aware of my inner feelings and desires. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries and speaking up for what I want in all aspects of life. This has had a positive impact on me and my relationships with others. My experience working with Chris has resulted in more freedom than I ever thought possible in life. I now understand and love who I am in a way IO could never have imagined.

-Dr. Carrie Majors

Chris Sarris can only be described as an outstanding Teacher, Healer and soul guide! I have been working with him for well over a year now, and I give him my unconditional endorsement and recommendation. Without a doubt, Chris is the best in the business. The thing about Chris is that “he cares.” He cares about his clients. He cares about own development. He cares about LIFE! In the process, his advice and feedback is always direct, honest, and on point. He has an unquenchable thirst for cutting edge ideas and materials. Retaining his help is a gift that keeps on giving. It is an investment that produces immediate returns. Go for it!
– John Schalter Lawyer, Coach Teacher, age 56

Chris Sarris is absolutely stellar coach. What I see in Chris is a man who models the higher road of authenticity, integrity, passion and a love of all life. Chris is a deeply intuitive listener and “gets things” a deeper levels then I have experienced with other coaches and teachers. Chris is a compassionate coach, teacher, and a champion of the human spirit. Coaching with Chris is a transforming and empowering experience. He is able to see the best and fullest potential in someone, to mirror and draw it out, call it forth, and help them embrace their own greatness. I often recommend friends and clients to him.
– Sara Connell, Coach, Author

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