About Executive Coaching

We work one-on-one with executives, managers and personnel to develop exceptional leadership skills, solve personal and interpersonal issues to create a culture of integrity and accountability within themselves as well as the company. Our experience as business owners, leaders and coaches allow us to see the deeper issues that are creating the problems and challenges for the leader and organization. One of our strengths is being able to get right to the heart of the matter quickly. The opportunity to speak about things that are usually left unsaid is not common in today’s business environment. Yet this is the very thing which needs to happen in order to create real change. We provide a safe and secure space to allow individuals and groups to go deep and open up to their real feelings and thoughts resulting in sustainable growth and change.

In addition to creating and supporting measurable business change and growth, our coaching produces a very high level of participant satisfaction. Clients get “freed up” from what has been holding them back and experience a sense of excitement and creativity about the future that was previously missing.

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Executive Coaching can be contracted on an as-needed basis for specific executives, high-potentials, management and key employees, or as an essential follow-up to our seminar offerings, reinforcing the techniques learned until internalized. As a result, you will then be able to:

  • Connect, clarify and own your true, purpose, strengths and values
  • Learn to empower and engage yourself and others by letting go of ego and positional power and control
  • Communicate by learning true heart-centered, authentic communication, dialog and engagement with yourself and others
  • Engage intuition through learning to access and allow your intuition and deepest knowing guide you
  • Through coaching and feedback, you will learn the most effective ways to coach others and give supportive feedback
  • Manage conflict by knowing how to support and lead when conflict is present and learning to resolve issues and build consensus one-on-one and/or with teams
  • Clarify and live your values both as individuals and as an organization
  • Identify and understand your unconscious belief systems that drive and create your business
  • Understand and work with commitment and accountability
  • Understand your personality
  • Have the hard conversations with yourself and others
  • Develop and maintain personal integrity®
  • Distinguish between real listening vs. your inner dialogue
  • Create a safe environment where wisdom and growth can emerge

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explore how we may be able to support you and your organization.


I met Chris almost one year ago when he gave a presentation to our Executive Networking group. Immediately I felt the difference and depth of his approach to leadership and business growth and transformation. What was very obvious to me was how authentic and open he was and how easily he connected to his audience. I wanted to experience his Soul Of Business approach to leadership and team development. Since the start of our coaching sessions he has taught me a lot, not only how to excel in my leadership but also how to put focus on my development as person. Chris is an outstanding leader and guide!

– Dean Ackerman,  CFO Cooper Group LLC

I have worked with Chris for a year now and during this relatively brief period he has been the catalyst for incredible growth, both personally and professionally. Chris is keenly intuitive and insightful, and knows exactly how to leverage these innate abilities to push you beyond your edges, surpassing what you think is achievable. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants clear business results, leadership advancement and extraordinary personal development!

– Dave Hamilton, Cranbrook Custom Homes  VP of Construction

Chris is gifted as a coach and guide. I have worked and interacted with other coaches and business advisors and Chris brings something I have never experienced with others. Chris, has an original voice who listens deeply, connects. He has an ability to quickly understand the deeper dynamics at play. He has an inviting and firm way of holding you and your team accountable. He has the substance and insight to help executives in the C-Suite and everyday people shift their thinking and change their behaviors forever. My life and business is doing so much better now that I have refocused my vision and grown as a leader following Chris’ advice and counsel. My business and I are ever grateful.
– Rob Montgomery Allstate Insurance, Agency Owner

Chris helped me to both define and confidently own my gifts and the value of my Leadership style and approach. He worked with who I was as a unique leader versus trying to fit me into a predefined leadership style or definition. He guided me with a clarity which only comes from an expert who knows this terrain first hand. He listened deeply, understood my needs and encouraged me to play to my strengths of openness, vulnerability and transparency. This approach completely transformed me as a leader and the results are incredible for me and my team. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris’ coaching services to you without reservation!

– Chris Grant, Core Group owner

As a business owner, one of the inescapable truths is that I must continue to invest in my business in order to help it grow and to increase my impact. As a Teacher, Healer and Guide, I believe it’s even more crucial to continue to invest in my own expansion as a transformational force in the world. When I began to work with Chris, I hoped I would get a bit of both. I can say without hesitation that I have grown professionally and personally on every level, and truly created far more impact than I thought possible in one year. To say this was a good investment would be completely inadequate. Not only did Chris’ coaching meet my needs and deliver on his promise, he has far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is seeking that next level in their business and life.

– Cindy Crandell, Nuview Nutrition Owner

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