Dark Night

I feel as though I am slipping into a dark
night of the soul. So much is happening
and I am not sure where to go. My heart has been
captured and is silently held hostage. The asking price
is to surrender and let go, I am struggling to find the ransom.

My soul’s vocation will no longer wait patiently.
It is now demanding its just price. All I can do is watch in shocked
surprise as the momentum takes foot, it drags me along.

There are moments I try reaching out to the known something
familiar attempting to slow or stop this change. However I know
the more I fight this force of soul it will only result in further pain.
Nature has a way of breaking what does not bend.

I am now left with this lonely truth, all I have is my true self to turn too. The one I was the day I was born. The one whose vision was clear, he did not know any lies of self doubt. The one who knew no fear or limitations.

To be this I must let go of all I know and trust that when I turn to claim my true self…..I will still be there.

Chris Sarris