Soul of Business Manifesto

Now more than ever, people and organizations are opening up to the force of their soul’s wisdom and purpose. As a whole, humanity is awakening, and shifting to higher levels of consciousness. Individuals and organizations are ready for more soul-oriented processes and perspectives. The old ways of doing business, of living, creating and relating to ourselves and the world are no longer effective.

 Many people wonder if there is a hidden force within successful organizations and businesses. That “hidden” force is the human soul. When acknowledged, engaged and nurtured, the soul becomes a positive, creative source of empowerment and inspiration that takes hold in a company. It becomes the guiding force of all individual and organizational output and expression. There is a tipping point – a point in time where this soul force takes over. Once this tipping point has been attained in an organization’s growth, transformation happens. Culture then shifts, and the soul’s presence is integrated as an organizational norm that naturally creates and manifests an individual and organizational wealth and abundance beyond mere dollars and cents.

Soul of Business Leadership Coaching and Transformation is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning and working. The Soul of Business approach makes good business sense, for when people are at their best, organizations receive immeasurable benefit from their inspired performance, productivity and creativity.

Thoughtful leaders are beginning to recognize the wisdom of W. Edward Demming half a century ago:

“Nothing changes without personal transformation.”

“Change is no longer just ‘out there’ in the form of different strategies and work practices. Most importantly, it is ‘in here.’ Deep change that generates ongoing adaptation is a phenomenon with exterior and interior dimensions.”

Here are some deep truths about leadership, culture and organizational wealth:


Chris is a gifted as a coach and guide. I have worked and interacted with others coaches and business advisors and Chris brings something I have never experienced with others. Chris, has an original voice who listens deeply, connects. Has an ability to quickly understand the deeper dynamics at play. He has an inviting and firm way of holding you and your team accountability. He has the substance and insight to help executives in the C-Suite and everyday people shift their thinking and change their behaviors forever. My life and business is doing so much better now that I have refocused my vision and grown as a leader following Chris advice and counsel. My business and I are ever grateful. – Rob Montgomery Allstate Insurance, Agency Owner

Chris helped me to both define and confidently own my gifts and the value of my Leadership style and approach. He worked with who I was as a unique leader versus trying to fit me into a predefined leadership style or definition. He guided me with a clarity which only comes from an expert who knows this terrain first hand. He listened deeply, understood my needs and encouraged me to play to my strengths of openness, vulnerability and transparency. This approach completely transformed me as a leader and the results are incredible for me and my team. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris’ coaching services to you without reservation! – Chris Grant, Core Group owner

As a business owner, one of the inescapable truths is that I must continue to invest in my business in order to help it grow and to increase my impact. As a Teacher, Healer and Guide, I believe it’s even more crucial to continue to invest in my own expansion as a transformational force in the world. When I began to work with Chris, I hoped I would get a bit of both. I can say without hesitation that I have grown professionally and personally on every level, and truly created far more impact than I thought possible in one year. To say this was a good investment would be completely inadequate. Not only did Chris coaching meet my needs and deliver on his promise, he has far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is seeking that next level in their business and life. – Cindy Crandell, Nuview Nutrition Owner

Thoughtful leadership is emerging as the new norm.

New leaders are aware, and are hungry for a fresh paradigm of management that will enable their organizations to flourish in the complexity of evolving and never-ending personal, customer and market demands, wants and needs. These leaders seek something beyond conventional understanding or thinking. They are searching for something different to help them deal with everyday challenges and issues. Leaders now want wisdom that will produce deep and sustainable change, both for themselves and their organizations.

This approach to leadership and business transformation provides a practical framework for dealing with the inevitable intersection of organizational productivity and personal concerns and issues. Soul coaching in business provides fresh ways of viewing problematic circumstances. It generates innovative thinking and the creation of effective strategies and practices that bring balance to the challenges of personal and or professional growth.

Working with the soul of your business and the related organizational challenges and issues of the human soul is not just a “touchy-feely” way of dealing with the “soft side” of life. This way of leading is about getting to the heart of what creates your business’ culture and brand, of how well your organization is functioning, and about effectively managing the core concerns of performance, productivity and competitive success.

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There is a sharp edge to the so-called soft side of business, for when morale is low, and a negative culture exists, poor relationships, communication breakdowns, and minimal enjoyment of work pervades your company. Organizational performance suffers, and long-term viability is questioned. These often unspoken “human issues” impact every aspect of your business’ success or failure. These issues impact the mental, emotional and finical health and wealth of your company.

While oftentimes necessary, major changes in systems, structures and strategies are insufficient in themselves. Attention to the inevitable role of people in the successful implementation of change is commanded. It is now widely recognized and accepted that the primary concerns of business – performance, productivity, profit and competitive success – cannot be separated from human behavior. It is also no longer sufficient to focus on behavior alone. A deeper understanding of humans is required. We must create a more profound understanding of what drives human behavior, and this understanding is greatly sought after in the world of business.

This deeper, practical understanding of human behavior can be reached through paying attention to our being, or more specifically, our “way of being.” This can be thought of as our inner behavior, which shapes our outer behavior and ultimately or reality, and our effectiveness in the art of living and working well. Way of being is the underlying determinant of communicative competence and behavioral effectiveness, and a source of deep change. The Soul of Business provides a new approach for understanding and shifting “inner behavior,” and offers the means to a powerful source of organizational leadership and transformation.

Imagine waking up every day inspired, and going to bed every night fulfilled. This is the possibility for you and all the people you lead when you are leading and creating from your authentic self, your spirit and inspiration.

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