Belief System Inventory

Choose a subject or circumstance you are struggling with in your life.

  • Write it down on the top of your paper. It might begin; I am struggling with ______ in my life.
  • Below the statement list all of your thoughts and feelings around the subject. This list can be one word adjectives like stuck, mad, angry, etc or full sentences. Be as exhaustive as you wish with writing out all your feelings, thoughts and attitudes about this issue. You might even feel lighter about the subject after this part.
  • Review your list and label each statement or adjective with (L) for Love and (F) for Fear. You can reference the list of the qualities of love and fear below to help you.

I have found that just being aware and clear with my feeling is 75% of the work when wanting to change something in my life. I suspect that most your list had more fear based thoughts and feelings on this issue then love based beliefs and attitudes. A good thing to know at this point is a quote by Albert Einstein:

“You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it”

When doing this exercise I try to be aware of two things. One, how many things on the list of issues or problems are really mine that I am projecting on the other person or circumstance. (This can be a very challenging question to ask, I encourage you to be very honest and gentle with yourself when considering this. Try to own as much of the list for yourself as possible. Most importantly don’t make yourself wrong or beat yourself up in the process.)
The second thing I try to do is to look at this situation with a fresh set of eyes and a different mind set that the quote speaks of. I might even try to place myself in the other persons position and imagine what their list about this issue might look like?
Now review your list. Everything that has an (F) for fear next to it try shifting to its opposite on the love column. Take your time with this and know that it is a process and might take sometime. Once you have done this exercise at the very least you will have expanded your view of the situation and allowed for new possibilities to occur. Trust that healing has begun.
I wish you Peace and Grace on your journey. Namaste, Chris

Qualities of Love and Fear

Joy Anger
Peace Anxiety
Happiness Judgment
Ease Doubt
Compassion Pushy
Inspiration Denial
Grace Frustration
Acceptance Un-acceptance
Contentment Dismissive
Fulfilled Impatient
Wise Limited
Intuitive Opinionated
Allowing Dominating
Inner strength Controlling
Receptive Fearful
Trust Non-trusting
Oneness with others Separation
Aliveness Restrictive/Reactive
Spontaneous Fixed position
Open Closed
Flowing Stuck
Unconditional Conditional