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We all have natural genius and gifts and talents that when honored and shared makes our life better and the world around better. Your True Self, the soul is where your creativity, wisdom and natural confidence and competence reside. It is your birth right to discover, recover and embody them for yourself and share them with the world.

Our purpose is to inspire, awaken and unleash the power of the human spirit with individuals and organizations.

We are a tribe of believers, kindred spirits, coaches, guides, way showers, and mentors, from every walk of life. We are a community of seekers and healers committed to living from our awakened soul consciousness; and are dedicated to sharing and supporting others in doing the same. We provide a full range of programs and services that support individuals, couples and organizations to be at their best in living, learning and working.

Our Beliefs & Convictions

To inspire, connect and awaken the human spirit within Individuals, leaders and organizations.
We are a community of seekers and teachers, students and wayshowers. We are committed to living, expressing and creating from our true self, our soul its wisdom and truth. Our purpose is to support others to awaken to their Soul’s truth, wisdom and purpose. Through our programs, products and services, we facilitate and support ourselves and others in growing, transforming and awakening to their inner truth.
Love is a powerful that captures the essence of our true self at the soul level. Your True Self is empowered, creative, and possesses natural genius. Our purpose and highest value is to support ourselves and others in connecting to their true self and expressing and living from their essence.

“The truth will set you free” The antidote to fear and falsehood is truth. Truth is the destination and honesty in the path to truth. You must be honest about what is not based on truth in your life.

Integrity is when our words and behavior are in alignment with our values and truth. Being accountable and responsible with our words, energy and actions allows us to be in integrity with ourselves and others.

Being connected to our true self not only allows us to connect to our gifts and talents, it naturally supports authentic connection with others. We are all in this together. We support our community in creating connection with themselves and others through authenticity, openness and presence.

When we find truth, we discover freedom – freedom from self-imposed barriers, fear and limitations. We seek to inspire and empower our community to live from this place of truth.

Everyone has extraordinary source of inner strength wisdom and gifts called True Self or Soul. Through the experience of being human we are negatively imprinted and impacted with the energy of fear which disconnects us from our true self our Soul. When we become disconnect from this source and truth we identify with a false self or false truth.

It is this false truth and identity that is not sustainable and is the source of all pain, struggle and suffering. The Soul Coaching method and process supports individuals in the healing and releasing of the negative patterns and beliefs of your False Selves. It reconnects people to their True Self (Soul) and this is a state of empowerment, freedom and passion and purpose.


Soul of Business

Soul of Business Leadership Coaching and Transformation is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning and working. An increase in productivity, stronger performance levels and heightened creativity are just a few of the results expected when an organization invests in its people and culture. In return, businesses save time, money, and resources while gaining a higher moral, esteem and profit. LEARN MORE.


Coaching Programs

Soul Space is dedicated to helping individuals grow, transform and awaken to their greatest potential in all aspect of their life. We address ALL aspects of the self: the body, the mind, emotions, and the spirit. Soul-based coaching and counseling empowers clients to discover and access their own wisdom, insights and direction they already possess with in their soul intelligence. LEARN MORE.

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Teaching Programs

We are all students and we are all teachers. We offer deep and transformative teaching programs that are based on the Soul Coaching philosophy and approach. These training programs are for anyone who is or is aspiring to be a leader and teacher in business or life. LEARN MORE.

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Coach Mentoring Program

This deep, experiential training will help you feel competent and confident in your ability as a coach to others seeking guidance for their life and personal growth.  In this program, you will uncover, deepen and build upon your natural strengths, gifts, passions and talents, and learn how to bring authentic power of self-expression into all areas of your life. LEARN MORE.

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SoulYou Coaching

Meet our new network of coaches. Each one of our coaches offers a unique experience. Every coach has been through intensive coaching certification programs. Our team has an array of expertise in different fields from healing, health, creative, business, leadership and more. LEARN MORE.

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Soul Space Blog

We share our thoughts, ideas and newly found wisdom through our blog. Get access to book recommendations/reviews and also recaps of our workshops and trainings. Stay up-to-date with Soul Space’s latest discoveries and inspirations. READ THE BLOG.

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